A wedding ceremony starts at the reception. Reception is the relaxation point of the bride and the groom. There are many ways of saving money on décor which can be memorable to you. The following are 12 wedding reception decoration ideas on an affordable budget;

Use of white Christmas lights.

Several people use Christmas lights are white on a yearly basis on their back porches that simples a decoration which is elegant. The lights can be an addition to the wedding reception. The can be hung from the ceiling, or around the cake or around the table. The other option is the use of lanterns if u doesn’t like the Christmas lights. White lights which are plain can be used to create a classy look.

Use of tie ribbons.


The most important thing is about seat covers renting. Instead of it, you can get wide ribbons which are beautiful to tie chairs at the back for additional elegancy. Ribbons are alternatives which are cheap as compared to seat covers.

Adding a water feature.

A water fountain at the entrance will be a nice addition. It can be small as that one used at home. This can be so refreshing because of the water fountain sound and it is nice for guests to listen to as they relax at the reception.

White winter wedding.

When many people think about Christmas, they think of colors like red, green and sparkling things. The wedding which is real need to be made of centerpieces of table which are green. The Christmas tree is a popping thing that can keep the reception cool with a white color scheme. This can make your visitors have a feeling of a festive.

Use of feathers.


According to the wedding decor, feathers are on trend. You can purchase them in bulk from craft store to help you create feather wreaths which are large that can be hung on the wall or they can be added to centerpieces of flowers for a look which is elegant.

Being minimalistic but magninificient.

Couples need to make the reception venue extraordinary. A building may be sometimes be beautiful by itself but a little bunting is needed to bring life onto it.Choose a reception which is naturally beautiful for creation of an affordable and stunning outdoor. If the atmosphere of the reception is pleasant, then fewer decorations are needed to be made.

Draping the ceiling.

This small fabric can create an amazing reception venue on your wedding. Keep it elegant and formal with a white fabric. When you opt for a vibe which is funny, you can use colors which are bright. In taking this approach, use light colors on the décor table to get the same decked-out reception look.

Pick up patterned pillows.


If you have an area of a lounge in your reception space, use some pillows which you can get the housewares department or you can buy and cover them with a patterned fabric which is favorite to you.

Creation of an escort card display.

Create a bulletin board of assignment seating and display near the reception space entrance. This can help you to avoid squinting of guests at tented cards.

Decoration of the aisle with flower petals.

Couples can substitute flower petals on the reception. The arrangement can allow incorporation of flowers which are favorite to the couple.